Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Does everyone have a food blog?

Wow, I think they do. I have at least 2 other friends who write about food, post recipes, etc. And when I did a search on google, I got 23 million hits. Wow!
Also, the other day I saw 2 people run into each other after a long time and one gave the other her card and said, "I write a food blog, check it out".
What made everyone think they are experts on food all of a sudden? Am I included in this annoying group of food snobs? I really hope not.
I don't post recipes and I don't go into serious detail about dishes I ate at home or out. Maybe I'm a food blog snob?
I will, however, admit, that after learning about and working with cheese for this past month, I am most certainly a cheese snob, and I am perfectly okay with that. There is a big difference between what you get in a grocery store and what you get from specialty producers. It's amazing. I encourage everyone to go into your local cheese shop and try something. They will let you try anything you want, and if they don't, it isn't a good shop. See what you think. I guarantee that if you like cheese, it will be life-changing.
Good luck with that. And feel free to blog about it afterward. That's my rant for today.


Michele said...

I don't think all food bloggers think they are experts on food. Many food blogs are expressly about home cooking and what to do with leftovers.

For some of us, our food blogs serve an important professional purpose: for example, I got a life-changing internship through the photos and writing on my blog.

If you are so moved when you discover that there is rennet in cheese that you want to write about it, you should be able to understand a similar urge someone might have to share a fantastic new cupcake recipe. It is not like they are trying to compete with Gordon Ramsay.

Leanna said...

you have a point.

DT Boy said...
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DT Boy said...

For the record I have a blog ( and it is not a food blog. :)

I like food and I especially like cheese but there is not a special cheese shop in the town I live in but maybe next time I am in Chicago or St. Louis I will look one up.